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Mr. Bail has been providing bail bond service throughout the United States for over 18 years.   We are known across the country to be a trustworthy and reliable company that believes in customer service.

In an industry, where the price is standard, we set ourselves apart from the competition by having a top rate knowledgeable staff, lowest down payment plans, superior courtesy and confidential service. We are committed to giving you the best service during your time of need.

Many people that call our offices are first time callers, so we take extra time and care to help them understand what to expect during the bail process.  Our goal is to make your bail experience as fast and painless as possible.  We want to help you get your love one out of jail and back home where they belong.

Our company prides itself on having an experienced, well-trained staff that has the ability to navigate your state’s legal system.  Our agents stay on top of the latest laws and procedures and can answer even the toughest of bail bond questions.  We know that anyone can get arrested at anytime, that’s why we’re available 24 hours a day to take your call.

No one stays in the bail bond business unless they are good at what they do and like the business.   We’ve been around for over 18 years, that says a lot!   We’ve handled many different size bonds and can honestly say… No bond is too large for our level of expertise! We offer fast and effective service from experienced professionals, all at the lowest rates allowed by law!

We know not everyone is able to set money aside for emergencies and bailing someone out of jail is something no one ever plans for, that’s why we offer several payment options such as cash, check, major credit cards and payment plans including 1% to 5% down on qualified applicants.

Serving all county, state, and federal courts across the United States.

When you need a bail bondsman, you need the best!

Call our National Toll Free Number at 1-855-222-2663 and ask to speak to one of our licensed bail bondsmen today!